Video link - Rising stars Oswald head to the Leopard

Rising stars Oswald
Rising stars Oswald

Cumbernauld based three piece, Oswald make their debut appearance at The Leopard Saturday, February 25 to promote their debut album “How Much Rug, How Much Carpet”.

Being one of the UK’s most disenfranchised, socially outspoken and generally miffed bands you’ll find, be prepared to be irradiated by Oswald’s high energy, octane fuelled spirit sound.

As they prepare themselves to unleash the musical equivalent of a full-on beach assault incorporating heavy artillery, landing craft and an assortment of nuclear field weapons and charge into the thick of battle armed with powerhouse anthems.

Hailing from one of Scotland’s ‘new’ towns that has been bestowed with the prestigious award of being the worst place to live in the UK, The carbuncle we are a talking about is Cumbernauld; a town with its own Eco system, mentality, religious divides, gang violence and poverty and for any self respecting person it would be enough to drive them to intravenously nourish on Buckfast and preach pointlessly to passers by about the state of the world from the comfort of a park bench.

Not for brothers Ant and Tom McCreery and Tom Heaney aka Oswald. Their soapbox is the bands debut album ‘How Much Rug? How Much Carpet?

It’s no wonder then that ‘How Much Rug? How Much Carpet?’ reflects singer, songwriter, guitarist and keyboard player Tom McCreery’s unashamedly blunt view on society, life, and all that goes with being Scottish and indeed British today. It’s a manifesto of anthemic future-pop gems waiting to make their way onto your ipod and into your subconscious and wrap themselves around your cerebellum and fulfilling you with a sense of genuine optimism.

‘How Much Rug, How Much Carpet’ is a life-affirming album encapsulating the band’s reflection on aspects of urban culture - the good, the bad and the surreal accompanied by infectious hooks that are impossible to get out of your head. It makes you feel numb and disillusioned about your life but at the same time gives you the hope and conviction to stand tall and scramble out of the trench and go over the top and take on the worst that society and life can throw at you.

There is just one thing that is a given with Oswald’s agenda here and that’s blistering, no holds barred, good honest powerhouse anthems. What else, in life, do you need? From the punch packing opener ‘Parliament’ to ’13 04 2000’ to the bitter “Sleep’ and nod-inducing, summer-perfect anthem ‘Long Road to Run Down’ ‘We Are Not Dirt’ is beautiful, ‘Armchair Whore’ is an even more gorgeous and ‘Carnage’ is the album’s masterpiece.

Oswald are all about today’s society, life and people. They are a true band of the people, for the people with songs that are from the heart and all about the hopes, dreams and dogged determination of people trying to get to where they deserve to be or at the very least out of where they are now.

With a soul that is ablaze by the roots of rock and roll, Tom McCreey’s powerful voice propels their songs with a curious mix of innocence and fire and sings with so much anguish and passion that you can feel the aching sadness at work here, a mad urgency to escape, to takeoff, to transform things.

The band are by no means activists, but more of campaigners, idealists wearing rose tinted glasses in search of that perfect utopia and mere architects of debut album which is sincere with no pretence that wraps you in your own inadequacies at crucial times but leaves you with a warm feeling of solidarity and anticipation, packed with sentiment, passion, belief and dire sarcasm, you should definitely turn off the TV and give this a listen.

So with 2012 shaping up to be an interesting year for the Cumbernauld based 3 piece, make sure you can say in six months that you were there, fighting Oswald’s cause, first.

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