VIDEO: Ghosts captured on camera at Cusworth Hall?

Can you see any ghostly goings on in this film?

We spent a night at historic Cusworth Hall in search of spirits and apparitions as a team of professional ghost hunters went in search of things that go bump in the night.

Ghost night at Cusworth Halll

Ghost night at Cusworth Halll

Rosie and Stuart Dawson of Simply Ghost Nights welcomed members of the public for a night of ghost hunting at the Doncaster stately home which dates from 1740 and is set to be home to a number of spirits.

Previous guests have heard the eerie sound of children singing Frere Jacques, pianos playing with no-one apparently there, doors slamming and other unexplained phenomena including lights switching on an off and fire alarms sounded.

The team, who use sophisticated electronic equipment including night vision goggles and audio sensors in a bid to pick up activity, are regulars at the hall and have also investigated paranormal activity at Doncaster’s Aeroventure Museum as well as Lincoln Prison and other ancient properties across the Yorkshire region.

Visitors took part in seances and used ouija boards in an attempt to make contact with the dead long into the night within the complete darkness and silence of the hall.

Said Stuart: “We’ve had some really good activity at Cusworth - its one of our favourite places to come, the spirits are always really active here.”

“People always enjoy coming along. Its nothing sinister - its always really good fun and people enjoy communicating with the spirits.”

Strangely, a number of clips filmed on the night for this video were corrupted and unable to be uploaded as part of the film - technical gremlins, pure coincidence or something more eerie afoot?
So can you see or hear anything in our video - let us know by emailing us at if you spot anything.

Happy ghost hunting!

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