Play puts homeless people and their problems centre stage

Glasshouse, Barnsley Civic and  CAST, Doncaster
Glasshouse, Barnsley Civic and CAST, Doncaster

Glasshouse, various venues

Imagine you are watching a play in a theatre, the dramatic tension is rising and suddenly someone in the audience shouts “Stop!”

The action comes to a halt and a

homeless man jumps on stage to show the actors and the playwright how this story should

go. He acts it out for them. He improvises with the actors and the story takes an unimagined turn.

But the playwright is not horror-struck, nor is the audience shocked, nor are the actors outraged. That man is a ‘spect-actor’, empowered to make decisions and move the story towards a more positive outcome.

And this is Cardboard Citizens, interactive theatre that provides a forum for people to talk about homelessness, share experiences and problem-solve together.

South Yorkshire Housing Association’s LiveWell project is bringing Cardboard Citizens from London to give theatre workshops for homeless people.

They will present public performances of Kate Tempest’s play Glasshouse in Barnsley on Thursday and Friday in Doncaster.

The play is performed by actors who have been homeless themselves and its script is based on the real-life experiences of homeless people. It reflects the struggles and hardships of those who are living on the margins of modern Britain – from those confronting cuts and changes to benefits, to those who are struggling to find work and pay their rent. The play tells the interwoven stories of three family members as they struggle to stay together, and fail to survive apart.

Tickets: call the Civic Box Office on 01226 327 000 or the CAST Box Office on 01302 303959.