Lost in Blue, Cast, Doncaster

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Debs Newbold, who is a storyteller at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London , delivers a touching, funny and surreal one-woman show.

When she was three years old, Annie’s life was skewed off course. On her 18th birthday, it threatens to happen again. What is it like to be in a coma? To love someone in a coma? What would van Gogh say about it if you hung out with him in his room at Arles? And what does a pigeon called Muhammad Ali eat for breakfast?

Debs said: “This show started off as a niggling thought about the voice. I’d just lost my nan, who had an extraordinary voice, a cheeky Brum-Irish lilt totally unique to her. I knew I had a recording of her voice on a minidisc (remember those?), but it was ages before I could bring myself to listen to it.

“Hearing the recorded voice of a loved one who has died is as near to an encounter with a ghost as I can imagine. It’s as if they inhabit the air in the room with you for a moment, and I began to get ideas about a person who manages to be both absent and present at the same time.

“That’s where the image of a man in a coma came from. I saw him and I saw his daughter, like a painting. He lying on a bed, she looking out of a window, waiting. Another woman too, unable to speak. And that’s where it began.”

The show is at Cast on Sunday. Box office: 01302 303959