London calls young actress Lucy

Doncaster child actress Lucy Blott in Leave Hitler to Me Lad
Doncaster child actress Lucy Blott in Leave Hitler to Me Lad

Doncaster youngster Lucy Blott has landed a role in a play that is coming to London’s Leicester Square

Lucy, aged 12, from Belton, is appearing in Leave Hitler To Me Lad, which has already had a successful UK tour.

Lucy, who takes drama classes at Duckegg theatre group at The Baths Hall in Scunthorpe, also spent a week last year at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with Duckegg in their highly-rated production of Peter Pan.

In the new show Lucy plays the part of Gladys and she already has her heart set on a career in drama.

She said: “I have always loved singing and dancing but my heart is in acting.

“I love getting lost in the role and being able to say and do things I wouldn’t have the confidence to do in real life.

“As a character I have no fear, and the adrenaline rush is better than being on a rollercoaster!

“My biggest role model is Epworth actress Sheridan Smith.

“She is absolutely brilliant in lots of really different roles and one day I would really love to meet her.”

Lucy is a pupil at Hill House School in Finningley and says that that headteacher Mr Holland has been extremely supportive and helpful.

Without the school’s support she would not have been able to accept the role.

Leave Hitler to Me Lad is a true story based on the life of a lost generation of children in the aftermath of World War Two.

Their dreams and aspirations revolve around their fantasised images of their heroic absent parents.

In the show, Brian’s dad is a war hero and he’s coming home any day!

He’s been coming home for seven years...

It’s 1952 and the country is rebuilding itself.

King George is dead and rock ‘n’ roll is here to stay.

Brian builds his own little family at school with his rabbit Pandy, his friends Gladys, an orphan, and George, who doesn’t know where his parents are, and Mr Bill, his welfare officer.

Then there is Miss Bates, the headmistress of Great Stony School, who rules the school with an iron fist.

The children look forward to sports day – a day off Bates’ rules and sanctions.

However, heads turn when a glamorous teenager appears to unravel the past and reveal a shocking secret that will turn Brian’s world upside down, forever.

The show is based on the experiences of writer Haley Cox’s father and his school friends during their time at Great Stony residential school.

He told her: “We didn’t all go backhome on trains to London. We didn’t even know what our parents looked like.”

Leave Hitler to me Lad is at The Arts Theatre, Leicester Square from September 29 to October 18.