High-flying children’s Christmas fun at Doncaster theatre

Interactive children's show The Christmas Flying machine at Cast in Doncaster.
Interactive children's show The Christmas Flying machine at Cast in Doncaster.

The Christmas Flying Machine, Cast, Doncaster

Chocks away! Climb aboard the flying machine and get ready for a wondrous adventure.

Everyone knows that the skies above our houses are filled with magic around Christmas time.

Look closely and you’ll see the Christmas star, closer still and you might see Santa’s sleigh with Rudolph at the front.

But of course the best way to see everything is up in the sky!

Join the crew aboard the Christmas Flying Machine on a journey up, up and away in this interactive show.

Flap the wings, work the controls and steer the captain’s wheel as the crew go on a secret mission for Santa all the way to the North Pole.

After the success of last year’s interactive children’s show 59 minutes to Save Christmas, this is another treat with lots of participation for intrepid adventurers and their accompanying adults.

The show runs until January 3.

Meanwhile, in a land far, far away, yet somehow strangely familiar, Aladdin and his mother are struggling to make ends meet in the pantomime in Cast’s main house.

Aladdin dreams of living the lifestyle of a prince and his mother imagines riches beyond her wildest dreams.

If only magic existed. If only there were such things as genies and enchanted lamps… but as this is pantomime, anything is possible!

Cast promise that “live music, beautiful costumes, mayhem and song combine to create a Christmas treat with oodles of magic and heaps of sparkle.”

Aladdin also runs until January 3.

Box office: at the venue in Waterdale, online at castincdoncaster.com or call 01302 303959.