Drama about coping with dementia

An image from One Last Waltz at Cast in Doncaster
An image from One Last Waltz at Cast in Doncaster

One Last Waltz, a touching new play about a family coming to terms with Alzheimer’s disease, is on stage in Doncaster next week.

Written and directed by Luke Adamson, One Last Waltz is based on his own family’s experiences of his grandfather, who has Alzheimer’s disease.

The play deals with how Alzheimer’s affects families.

Alice is becoming more and more forgetful. Her daughter Mandy is always on hand to help out but the strain is becoming too much.

A long-forgotten photograph stirs a memory and lures Alice back to Blackpool.

Hoping for a chance to dance in the Tower Ballroom one last time, mother and daughter set out, but Blackpool isn’t how Alice remembers.

Luke said: “My granddad was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and the diagnosis gave us some sort of explanation for his increasingly baffling and often erratic behaviour that had begun to cause a deal of tension amongst those around him.

“Once we had the diagnosis and we were able to start to manage the disease things became somewhat easier but I started to think about how much of that tension could have been avoided if we’d have come to the diagnosis sooner.

“Having had no previous experience of the disease, we missed the telltale signs. I was spurred to write this play as a way of raising awareness of them.

“It is very much based upon my own and my family’s dealings with granddad, a kind of tribute to him.”

The Alzheimer’s Society will be holding a post-show discussion which will be free for all ticket holders.

One Last Waltz is on at Cast, Doncaster next Thursday at 7.45pm.

Boxoffice: at the venue, call 01302 303959 or go online at castindoncaster.com

n Creative artists have been gathering stories from Doncaster folk about to celebrate the Mexican Day of the Dead in a special way for Halloween.

The event will take place on Saturday at 5.30pm, at The Dell, Hexthorpe, with a lantern parade to the bandstand.

Janet Wood and Keith Angel are running the Right Up Our Street-funded celebration of the region’s loved ones.

Janet said: “We have been in the community in Balby and Mexborough gathering people’s stories, we’ve been so touched by how many people have wanted to talk and share their experiences of losing loved ones.

“What we are now working on is a way to turn these stories into songs and celebrate the lives that people lived. Remember the good times and mark these with this celebratory event.”

The Day of the Dead is celebrated throughout Mexico, when family and friends gather to celebrate their lost loved ones.