Dead good cult horror film career for Paul

Conisbrough actor Paul Sutton
Conisbrough actor Paul Sutton

BY day, Paul Sutton is a mild mannered computer worker.

But in his spare time, Paul, from Conisbrough, Doncaster, has a sideline going on as an actor in cult horror films!

Paul, a 39-year-old former Northcliffe School pupil, has been establishing himself with a small film company since taking a role as an extra, because he thought it would be fun to do.

The producers from Reality Films liked what they saw - and have gone on to give him a succession of bigger roles in films which are usually released on DVD.

He said: “I stumbled into the film world by accident, after I saw an advert for a locally-made zombie film which needed people.

A few friends and I thought we’d try it.

“I really enjoyed it, and that was job done.

“I do musical drama and am dram at Wombwell Operatic, and that was it until I got a phone call asking me to do some more filming, in Wakefield.

“They liked what they saw and they started giving me other roles. I’m now working on a film called Dead Walkers: Rise of the Fourth Reich. The director gave me some fight work, and has me as a main character, and I’ve been signed by a talent agency.

“It’s started to pay for me financially, and my name is getting known in film-making circles.

“My character in Dead Walkers is a tortured soul, captured by the Nazis. I have to play weak and vulnerable. We filmed it at a secret location in Bolsover.”

His roles have including playing Nazis and superhuman monsters in movies set in the modern day.

He already has two more films lined up - Dusty the Demon Hunter, and Inner Demons.

Paul, from the Windmill estate, believes his size and shape - a broad 5ft 11in frame - tend to lead to him being cast in horror roles. He sees himself as an actor in the mould of Ray Winstone.

His director in Dead Walkers, Philip Gardiner, said: “Paul was so impressive as a tough guy that we simply had to work him in to the film in a much bigger role.”

Having spent several years in local theatre, Paul leapt into the big time in 2012 – working with Alice Cooper in his Halloween Show at Wembley Arena.

n Dead Walkers: Rise of the Fourth Reich is to be released worldwide in July.