The Ramonas - a punk tribute you’ll love, baby

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According to legendary US rockers The Ramones, Sheena is a punk rocker – and what’s more, former Doncaster student Zoe Waugh is too!

That’s because Zoe forms part of the line-up for an all-girl tribute to the famed and acclaimed band who helped shape and define the punk rock genre around the globe at the tail end of the 70s.

And baby you’ll love the former Hall Cross pupil when she steps out on stage with The Ramonas at The Leopard on Saturday in the guise of Rohnny Ramona with band-mates Margy, Cloey and Pee Pee – the names of each closely modelled on original Ramones stars Johnny, Markey, Joey and Dee Dee.

She said: “I am really looking forward to it. The Ramones were known for giving very energetic live performances and that’s what we’ll be doing too.”

The Ramones were one of the biggest acts from the punk generation, dominating the movement with their loud, fast, straightforward musical style – and despite the deaths of several of the band’s members over the years, their music has continued to live on with classic anthems such as Blitzkreig Bop, Sheena Is A Punk Rocker and Baby, I Love You.

Zoe, aged 23, who was born and brought up in Sprotbrough before decamping to Brighton a couple of years ago, said: “Obviously, we play the songs of the Ramones but as we’re a group of girls we don’t create the look and sound absolutely identically.

“We like to do it with our own twist and spin – that’s what The Ramonas are all about.”

Zoe, who has been involved in music since the age of 15, splits her time between The Ramonas with her own band Reverbed, who formed at Hall Cross and who are all now based in Brighton.

She also fits in a job as a supervisor with music and IT exchange store CEX, making her one very busy girl.

She said: “We’ve been all over with The Ramonas – Europe, the USA – we’ve got some dates in Sweden and Austria coming up, so we are all pretty busy all the time.

“Being in the band has given me great experiences and I love playing with them.”

Zoe was drafted into the four-piece last year after a previous guitarist left – and she hit it off with the rest of the rockers immediately.

“I went for an audition, got on remarkably well with the rest of the group and that was it,” she said.

“I was in and since then I’ve not looked back.”

The band have toured all around the UK and Europe and have performed at both the Wickerman, GuilFest and Rebellion Punk Festivals.

Later in the year the girls will go out on a UK and European tour, performing the first two Ramones albums and other live favourites.

Chris Hone, head of commercial development at Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust, said: “The Ramonas are bound to remind the audience of a time when their souls were wild and free as their music takes them back to an age of punk rock.”

Tickets are £8 in advance and £10 on the door.