South Yorkshire comedy pensioners upstaged by Prime Minister Theresa May

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There’s not many theatrical productions that can claim to be upstaged by a general election, but just weeks into the launch of their ticket sales for this year’s summer production, Thurgoland Thespians suddenly found themselves without a venue for their opening night, having been ousted by ballot boxes when Theresa May called a snap election.

For just as the first show of this new comedy production, The Deacon Posers, had been agreed, posters distributed and the first tickets sold for Thursday the 8th June, their booking for the venue, the Thurgoland Village Hall, was overruled as it’s also the nominated polling station for the whole of the Thurgoland area.

Director, Nick Hibberd, said: “I don’t suppose there are many productions that get ousted at the last minute for a major performance of this scale. I was going to write to the Prime Minister and ask if she would reconsider the election date to one that would suit us better, but in the end, recognised that it was possibly a small sacrifice to pay for the future of the whole of the Country.

“As a result, the group agreed to alter the opening night to Tuesday the 6th of June and the whole of the cast rearranged holiday dates and work rotas to enable the show to open two days early and then immediately break for a couple of days to fit in a bowling tournament as well as the general election.

“Tickets sold for the Thursday will automatically be transferred to the Tuesday and anyone who now cannot attend on that day, will be entitled to an alternative show or their money back by contacting the box office in advance,” he added.

Coincidentally, The Deacon Posers is a comedy with a very current, political overtone that sits high on many of the parties manifestos - the aging population and local authority budgets. Set in an old people’s hall of residence, the tenants find themselves on the brink of eviction as the council looks to close their home as part of a major £40 Million cost saving exercise.

Nick goes on to explain, “Not prepared to give up without a fight, a small number of the pensioners come up with a novel method of raising the £1 Million pounds needed to buy and run the home to stop them from being thrown out onto the street. The comical farce focuses on a small group or residents that come up with an audacious and somewhat farcical method of raising money for the ‘Save Deacon Court’ fund and fortunately one that doesn’t involve them doing the ‘Full Monty’.

“However, with less than eight months to save the home and money only trickling in, their finances enjoy an unexpected boost from a very two very unlikely sources, but not without major consequences,” he added.

The play has been written in such a way as to take the audience through a roller coaster of emotions, hopefully leaving them exhilarated and upbeat at the end. It is refreshingly modern and reflects greatly on today’s society, at the same time giving a more elderly perspective on today’s ‘fast paced’ society.

Allocated tickets for the Tuesday night, Friday night and Saturday night performance are still available by calling the ‘box office’ on 0114 4535139, but spaces are limited so it is advisable to book in advance, especially for the Friday and Saturday shows.

“We would advise larger parties to book in advance if they want to be seated together as the venue is relatively small with less than 100 seats overall. With the annual pantomime we quite often find ourselves turning people away which is always disappointing,” explained Nick.

The opening night is now Tuesday the 6th of June, followed by a two day break and then two subsequent shows on Friday the 9th and Saturday the 10th of June. Doors open at 7:00pm with curtain up at 7:30 prompt. All seats are just £5:00 and can be preordered by calling 0114 4535139 with some standby tickets available on the night.