So which selection box is the best

Kids Selection Box and Yule Log taste test at Heeley Parish Church Playgroup
Kids Selection Box and Yule Log taste test at Heeley Parish Church Playgroup

Chocolate, chocolate everywhere but which one to bite first?

Everyone loves a selection box under the Christmas tree but with so many options out there is hard to know which to choose.

So we picked five favourites and asked tiny chocolate experts at Heeley Parish Church’s toddler group to put them to the test.

Once the initial excitement had passed they set about tearing open the boxes and exploring the festive contents.

Chocolate in any form is usually a hit with kids, although these intrepid tots made sure they still had room for their usual fruit snack.

The outcome was clear very quickly.

If you are after something different and willing to spend a little bit more cash then Thorntons is your best bet.

But if you want an absolute bargain then there are lots of options and some really good deals.

And who doesn’t need a few bogofs when money is tight?


Cadbury medium selection box

This is the traditional Cadbury option that is what you would expect from a selection box in terms of size and contents. It has a good mix of bars inside and ticks all the boxes - although unless you are going to buy it on a good offer it isn’t particularly good value.

Contains: Treatsize Buttons, Crunchie, Dairy Milk Caramel, Fudge, Flake and small Dairy Milk

Taste ****

Value ***

Cost £3 or bogof at The Co-operative

Cadbury’s make a wish selection box

This is the perfect option if you want to get something for a small child but don’t want to overload their little systems with sugar. The toddlers were more than happy with the treats in this - although it comes wrapped in plastic with no box in sight.

Contains: Treatsize Buttons, Treatsize Curly Wurly, Chomp, Treatsize Crunchie, Fudge

Taste ****

Value *****

Cost 99p or buy three and get fourth free at 99p Stores

Thorntons christmas selection pack

Everyone loved this selection box because it is different. The overwhelming majority of stores only stock Cadbury’s but the Thornton’s alternative is much more festive. This is made up of sweets that children won’t get at any other time of year and they are all delicious.

Contains: White Chocolate Buttons, Milk Chocolate Buttons, Vanilla Fudge Cubes, White chocolate Snowman Lolly and Milk Chocolate Santa Lolly

Taste *****

Value ****

Cost £3.49 or buy two get one free

Santa’s winter wonderland

The name of this one may be a slight over exaggeration but, made by Nestle, it does a least get away from the usual Cadbury bars.

This is also much more kid-friendly as there are lots of young favourites. There’s also a puzzle on the back of the box.

Contains: Smarties, Milkybar, KitKat, Jelly Tots and Animal Bar

Taste ****

Value ***

Cost £2.55 or two for £4 at Wilkinson

Cadbury’s stocking selection box

If you are after a selection box impressive enough to stand alone as a present then this is the one.

It comes in a large stocking box and has seven chocolate bars, as well as a game on the back. It is worth noting though that the size of the box looks as if there might be more inside than there actually is.

Contains: Crunchie, Wispa, Dairy Milk Caramel, Picnic, Fudge, Buttons, Flake

Taste ****

Value ****

Cost £2.99 or two for £5 at B&M Bargains