Sharp satire comes to Doncaster’s Cast

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International Lecoq trained company TongueTied Theatre, visit Cast with their razor sharp satire on the ‘land of opportunity’: Conversations Not Fit For The American Dinner Table, Thursday 12 June, 7.45pm.

Teaming up Washington insider and political speech-writer, Sol Max, TongueTied’s latest production is a biting satire of America’s three-ring circus of politics, media and citizenry.

A theatre lover and political junky from an early age, Sol began his tenure in Democratic politics as a speech writer for a long-shot Congressional candidate and quickly rose to become Communications Director in the United States House of Representatives, serving in that role during both the Bush and Obama presidencies.

Now a political consultant, Sol also writes theatre, film, and television. His stage work has been seen in numerous New York venues and he has several projects in development with Los Angeles production companies.

Conversations Not Fit For The American Dinner Table, welcomes audiences to the United States of America.

The place where anything is possible! The land of the free and the home of opportunity, prosperity, guns, Jesus, dollars, the uninsured, guns, donuts, Elvis, and - did we say - guns?.

Inspired by the real-life events and aftermath of the 2012 Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida, this one-man show uses mask and puppetry to illuminate an absurd world where tragedy and opportunity are one and the same.

George Zimmerman, was a Florida neighbourhood watchman who shot dead Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black 17-year-old male in his gated community.

Initially, it was said he wouldn’t stand trail, but after media involvement and an international outcry he did stand trial being found not guilty on the charges of murder and manslaughter. The case brought into sharp relief some of the most divisive issues in the United States: race, gun control and equal rights under the law.

In this dark but remarkably hilarious world of spin, greed, fear and smoke screens, one woman’s struggle to bring her son’s killer to justice risks being swallowed by an epic battle of political manipulation and media exploitation.

A razor-sharp, political piece of theatre, tickets (£10.50/£8.50 concessions) are available on 01302 303 959 or online at