Real treasure of a play at Thorne’s Trinity Academy

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Landlubbers beware! A cast of pirates is sailing towards Trinity Academy in Thorne as students embark on a production of Treasure Island.

The Robert Louis Stevenson classic has been adapted for the stage by the Academy’s drama department to give 50 students from Years 7-9 the chance to perform.

The dark and intense tale of greed, discovery and adventure is in stark contrast to last year’s Key Stage 3 comedy, Wind in the Willows.

Show director and teacher of dance, drama and music Lorna Hadwin said: “The students have been working on the production over an intense period of just over three months and although this year’s KS3 ensemble is a large group we wanted to ensure that every member of the cast was able to take their turn in the spotlight.

“Our head of performing arts Melanie Cutler has adapted the novel into a lively and dramatic play. We take the audience from the safety of Mrs Hawkins’ Tavern, across the treacherous ocean on Long John Silver’s pirate-riddled vessel to the danger and wealth of Ben Gunn’s Island.”

Many of the students taking part perform in Miss Hadwin’s successful Comedy Club at the Academy, while sixth form drama and theatre studies students have helped as assistant directors.

The main roles are: Jasmine Clarke as Long John Silver, Jessica Elsey as Jim Hawkins, Phillip Gwynn as Doctor Livesey, Leon Chen as Squire Trelawney, Oliver Page as Captain Smollett, Stuart Clarke as Black Dog, Sineade Hazel as Mrs Hawkins, Lydia Pike as Billy Bones, Kieron Allison as Blind Pew and Megan George as Ben Gunn.

Megan, 13, of Moorends, said: “After three years on an island by himself Ben Gunn has gone mad, so I’ve tried to imagine what that would be like in playing him.”

Jasmine, 13, of Hatfield, who was Mole in Wind in the Willows, added: “This play and character are so different, much more serious and deadly, but I’ve enjoyed them both. I’ve had to master a West Country accent and I’ve been watching lots of videos of Pirates of the Caribbean as research.”

The play is staged on Tuesday, July 15 and Wednesday, July 16, with doors opening at 6pm. Tickets are £2 for children and concessions and £3 for adults, including pre-show refreshments.