Paloma keeping Faith in pyjamas ahead of Sheffield show

Paloma Faith plays Sheffield City Hall on Tuesday.
Paloma Faith plays Sheffield City Hall on Tuesday.

You know when Paloma Faith enters the room – bold, theatrical and frequently decked in outrageous retro dress.

It is no wonder the star has captured the limelight since her 2009 debut, Stone Cold Sober.

But the 33-year-old is much more than the elaborate clothes she wears.

Faith, who grew up with her mother in Hackney, East London, is renowned for fusing her smoky vocals with soulful melodies and bitter sweet lyrics.

Her songs vary in subject matter from lost love and bitter resentment to the suffering of not being the only woman in a man’s life.

Faith is as much an observer of the heart as she is fashionista.

And this week, the 33 year-old singer-songwriter brings her repertoire – and notorious wardrobe – to Sheffield as part of a UK tour in support of her third album, A Perfect Contradiction.

She says: “I am looking forward to it, but lso concerned I am going to lose my voice.”

This tour is more ambitious than her previous ones.

She says: “It’s a bigger band, there are three additional players, there’s a brass section too, so that’s 12 people on stage including me.”

A Perfect Contradiction has been one of the huge success stories of the year, and has recently been certified platinum.

A new edition of the album will be released next month, which features five new tracks, including new single Ready For The Good Life.

The track was produced by Klas Åhlund, who has worked with stars such asRobyn, Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue and Britney Spears.

Faith also recorded at the BBC Proms this year with the Urban Voices Collective Choir.

She says: “That was the best moment of my career to date. I have done quite a lot with that orchestra before and have become friends with a lot of them, it was nice to walk on to the Albert Hall stage for the first time and feel like I was with a family rather than being really nervous.”

And while Faith is renowned for her glamorous pin-up style dress sense, she spends all her time on tour in her pyjamas.

She says: “We’re on a tour bus most for the time so we all have a lot of different and exciting types of pyjamas. There are a lot of ‘onesies’ flying around.”

And far from the high-heeled vixen we see in the press, she says: “I’m usually in my flip flops and dressing gown until two hours before stage, then I go and turn into this glamorous thing.”

Touring, according to Faith, is her ‘holiday’.

“It’s funny, people always say being on tour must be so gruelling but I think it is the most ungruelling element of my job,” she says.

“It’s basically luxury to me to get up every morning and have literally nothing to do for an entire day – only two hours to ready and then two hours on stage, that’s four hours’ work a day. That’s nothing compared to normal days.”

Indeed, Faith’s ‘normal’ days stretches way beyond the traditional 9am to 5pm.

She says: “The other day I woke up, started work at 8am and finished at 1.30 am, that’s a normal day for me.”

And Faith is planning another tour next year –playing arenas, although Sheffield isnot on the list.

She said: "It’s not going to be the same as this tour, it will be all bells and whistles.

“I am already in talks about it now. I have a lot of good things planned for that tour.

“It'll be bigger and better than any I have ever done, with a lot more people involved and more visual elements.

“I am hoping it will be more than six people at the arena because it will be a bit humiliating otherwise.”

* Paloma Faith performs at Sheffield City Hall on Tuesday.

Standard tickets are sold out, but VIP tickets, priced £85, are still available.

For details, visit Sheffield City Hall