Music mag NME reveals how Stone Roses fans were fooled by Doncaster ‘secret gig’

The Stone Roses.
The Stone Roses.

Music bible the NME has reported how Stone Roses fans were fooled by a poster campaign for a tribute band set to play in Doncaster next year.

Both the music industry staple and national newspaper The Independent followed up our story about how posters featuring the band’s lemon logo had sprung up around the town centre - with fans speculating over a secret warm-up gig by the Manchester guitar legends ahead of a return to a series of stadium gigs next summer.

But the posters were the brainchild of Dominic Gibbs, owner of Wood Street music venue the Diamond Live Lounge, to promote a concert by the Clone Roses, a tribute band to the Roses, in January.

He said: ”We wanted to try something that would generate interest and cause a spark within the local community. The Clone Roses had nothing to do with this PR activity and was an idea agreed and driven from our team.

“It was great to see our venue and Doncaster as a town on a website like NME. We would love to see Diamond Live Lounge being covered by media like the NME all the time and we will strive to make this happen.

“On one hand, we are obviously disappointed that we can’t offer you the Stone Roses as they are such an iconic band. On the other hand, what this activity did show, is there are many people in Doncaster who are passionate about the town’s live music scene, and it’s the same passionate people that we would like to see at Diamond Live Lounge, supporting the artists that perform, and then the bigger acts will follow.”

He added: “So, we might not have the Stone Roses, but we do have the Clone Roses and they are epic. All the people who were going crazy on social media, excited to see the Stone Roses perform, come to our venue and support the Clone Roses, and get the Diamond Live Lounge rocking, because when this place is full, there is no live music experience in the region like it.”

Meanwhile, the real Stone Roses are set to play six dates next year, four at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium, a headline show at T in the Park, and a show at Marlay Park in Dublin.