Kavalier attitude is a Diamond hit at Live Lounge

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Doncaster Band The Kavaliers are celebrating – after attracting a record-breaking audience for the hometown launch of their new single.

More than 300 people flocked to the Diamond Live Lounge to see the indie-rockers unveil Another Night, along with other new material and a selection of cover tracks.

Frontman Tom Statham said: “It was awesome to play in front of so many fans in our home town and everyone seemed to have a proper good night listening to our latest material.

“Arms were waving, heads were rocking and we had fans singing back to us which is what you dream of when you start out.

“Not ashamed to say that our heads were a little sore the morning after, but after so much hard work in the studio, culminating in a night like we had, the lads deserved it.”

Thank you to all the fans that paid to see us, its all about you guys and if it wasn’t for our fans and friends who believed in us, we wouldn’t be on this incredible journey in the first place.”

And Dominic Gibbs, Diamond Live owner, said: “It is great to see Doncaster band having such a great following in their home town.

“To attract more than 300 in ticket sales for a release launch was a special moment for Kavaliers and we are delighted to make this happen at the Diamond Live Lounge.

“These lads are going places and they have such a good stage presence. They are working hard in the background and we can’t wait to have the boys back on the Diamond Live Lounge stage soon.”