Growing festival puts Doncaster on the Map

Clublands singer Kelly Llorenna, who will play Pulp nightclub in Leigh
Clublands singer Kelly Llorenna, who will play Pulp nightclub in Leigh

Festival goers have a enjoyed musical journey through blues, indie, acoustic, Irish music and much more with the third annual Mapfest.

The two-day music and people festival kicked off on Friday night, and is the premier urban event for music and the spoken word in Doncaster.

Ten Pole Tudor singer Ed Tudor Pole, Manchester band Northside and up and coming Doncaster star John McCullagh and the Escorts were among over 160 acts that performed across 20 venues in the town.

Kath Thorpe, joint owner of the Market Place Alehouse and Deli, which hosted 22 acts across the two days, says Mapfest has been a big hit with punters.

She said: “I’m really surprised at how many people have come out for it.”

“This is the first time we’ve done something like this, in terms of hosting something like this, and it’s gone really well.”

“We’ve had spoken word poets and bands from Doncaster as well as Barnsley. This is really a celebration of all things Yorkshire and we’re really happy to have been a part of it.”

Cask Corner, Doncaster Little Theatre, Manana Manana, the Woolpack Live, Social, Doncaster Brewery and Tap, Masons Arms, The White Swan, JD Wetherspoon’s Gate House, Horse & Groom, The Reunions Cocktail Bar, Baileys, Diamond Live Lounge, Urban Bar and Lounge, Vintage Rock Bar, The Leopard, The Staff of Life and The Yorkshire Pie House and Hallcross were among the venues across Doncaster that took part in the festival.

Every single performance at this year’s Mapfest was free, as was the case in 2012 and 2013.

Jim Downie, of Stainforth Road, Barnby Dun, enjoyed some of the music on offer at The Hall Cross on Saturday afternoon. The 52-year-old said: “We like to watch live music, and think it’s important to support events like this in the town.”

Organisers said they hoped this year’s festival would be the biggest and best so far.

Hall Cross owner, Adam Lambert, said he was happy to take part in Mapfest 2014.

He added: “I think for next year’s festival we should make sure we get the word out there to the rest of Yorkshire.”

Town’s growing reputation in region for live music

Doncaster is beginning to make a real name for itself in the region when it comes to live music. This follows the reopening of The Leopard and the Diamond Live Lounge, which has a standing capacity of 700.

Events such as Mapfest, Doncaster Live which is part of the annual St Leger festival and the Doncaster Blues Festival have helped to contribute towards the town’s growing reputation for booking high quality performers.

Acts due to play in Doncaster this month include DJ Graeme Park and Kelly Llorenna at Doncaster Live at the Marketplace on September 5-6 and Roger Chapman and the Shortlist at the Doncaster Blues Festival at the Dome on September 14.