Doppel Gang try to become Marx Brothers in new comedy

The Doppel Gang
The Doppel Gang

The Doppel Gang, Cast

A new comedy play inspired by the legendary Marx Brothers comes to Doncaster this week.

Just Some Theatre Company are the talented young bunch behind The Doppel Gang, a new comedy by Dominic Hedges.

The Doppel Gang combines the wild wit of comedy giants The Marx Brothers – Groucho, Harpo and Chico – with generous helpings of British humour and humility.

War wages in Europe, while back in Blighty a group of entertainers battle to save a theatre from closure by masquerading as The Marx Brothers.

As the Blitz tears through London, a hopeless theatre manager, Lombard, persuades a desperate double act, Tommy and Cyril and not-so-convincing male impersonator Rachel to join him in an audacious stunt to save his building and boost morale. Will anyone believe they are the Marx Brothers?

The stakes are raised when the audience becomes a reality – but, as Tommy is wanted by the British Military Police, is appearing on stage at all really a good idea?

Playwright Dominic Hedges said: “There are so many similarities between our comedy and that of our American cousins. We both think we’re hilarious and we both think we’re smarter than one another. Groucho Marx’s lightning wit vs Eric Morecambe’s wry asides, for instance.

“I guess I’ve tried to pit us up against them, all the while hiding ourselves from the horrible reality of our Second World War surroundings. It’s as though the faster we talk, the less life is real.”

The show is at Cast this Thursday. Box office: at the venue, call 01302 303 959 or go online at