Doncaster club set for Fabulously Wonderful evening with George Borowski

George Borowski
George Borowski

Music fans in Doncaster are preparing for a Fabulously Wonderful evening with “Guitar George”.

George Borowski – nicknamed Guitar George – and The Fabulous Wonderfuls play the town’s Roots Music Club this week.

A club spokesman said: “George has worked with some of the biggest names in music over his remarkable 50-year career and continues to impress the crowds with his endless enthusiasm and an awesome encouragement of new music.

“George possesses an incredible combination of presence, performance and beautifully crafted lyrics.

“His songwriting has a message for all, and includes a bit of pop, rock, country, blues and rock and roll.

“The magic is magnified with the Fabulous Wonderfuls of Trish Watt, Elliot White, Andy Burns and Gaynor Wilson, engaging with George for a simply captivating musical experience.”

Support comes from Lee McDade, accompanied by former Lindisfarne bass player and Stevie Cunningham.

George Borowski and The Fabulous Wonderfuls play Roots Music Club, The Ukrainian Centre, Beckett Road, Doncaster town centre on Friday, January 15, from 8pm.

Tickets are £10 on the door or £8 in advance from