Dance pair ready to put on a party

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One of the pioneers of house and electronica will be gracing the stage as a headline act at this year’s Tramlines Festival in Sheffield.

Dance-pop duo Basement Jaxx are still touring on the back of their 2014 album, Junto, which was released a full five years after their last studio effort.

The band has not been silent, however. They have been undertaking several projects.

In 2011, the duo collaborated twice, once with Metropole Orkset, an orchestra from the Netherlands, for the live album Basement Jaxx Vs Metropole Orkest.

They then went on to provide the soundtrack for the 2011 British film Attack the Block.

Felix Buxton – one half of Basement Jaxx, alongside Simon Ratclffe, says: “We’ve worked on a couple of films and we were just keen to broaden our palette; we wanted to do something creative in a kind of different way.

“The film experience was good, we enjoyed that. Also, the orchestral album came out – I worked for a year or so with Jules Buckley on that.

“We were doing some different stuff in a creative way, but less based around the clubs or festivals or that kind of thing. We were sort of doing the odd DJ gig and doing live shows, so we were kind of busy off around the world in various places. Also, we moved studios and stuff like that, so it was kind of a time to readjust our lives, because we’ve been pretty busy for about 12 years.”

Basement Jaxx’s first studio album, Remedy, pictured right, was released in 1999 and it reached number four in the UK charts.

Their next three records, Rooty, Kish Kash and Crazy Itch Radio were all top 20 hits.

After Scars and Zephyr were released in 2009, the band seemed to disappear off the music scene.

The long absence is unusual for Basement Jaxx, who once released two albums in the space of a year.

But, while the gap is not typical of their recording history, Felix says the making of each album differs.

“There’s always loads of material and lots of different types of things around,” says the 45-year-old. “It’s just whether they see the light of day; or whether they become Basement Jaxx or something else.

“Because the young DJs were saying they were playing our old dubs from the beginning and the old style house came back, it seemed to be people just want the kind of thing we were doing in the beginning.

“So we thought let’s do more of that stuff because the Jaxx fans would like that and to be kind to the new lot of people getting into house.”

And the pair are promising fans a real treat with their Tramlines headline show.

“It will be a full-on live show – probably about 10 of us on stage,” says Felix. “It will be old and new; the hits of Basement Jaxx and songs from our new album – basically, a party. “We’re looking forward to it.”

n Basement Jaxx play the Tramlines main stage on Saturday, from 8.45pm.