It’s the longest in town bar none

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Life’s a beach, and then you have another cocktail...

Lazarus Court’s Rock-a-Hula Tiki Bar is aiming to create a permanent holiday atmosphere right in the heart of town, even though the nights are now drawing in and Donny drinkers are digging out their duffel coats for the winter ahead.

Rock-a-Hula now also boasts what is at 78.5 feet the longest bar in South Yorkshire

“Well, as far as we know it’s the longest,” said Richard McIvor, who runs the bar with brother Dave and Chris Coughlan. “We have done some research and we haven’t been able to find one to beat it anywhere in the county yet.”

However, it’s the holiday atmosphere that is Rock-a-Hula’s unique selling point.

“We want you to feel like you’re still on the beach,” Richard said. “Even when the holiday memories start fading, you can come here and get a fix of summer.

“We want to revive memories of happy days on the beach.”