Hallowe’en horror at Doncaster’s Hyde Park Cemetery

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Around 150 people braved the chilly Hallowe’en night for a spook-tacular tour around Doncaster’s Hyde Park Cemetery, where the cemetery’s Friends group had laid on interoductiomns to some the graveyard’s most notable and notorious residents.

Visitors who took the tour heard the stories of some of the cemetery’s more interesting denizens – including ones who had met their ends in shipwrecks, through drink and fighting, in a shipwreck and even in an explosion in a gunssmiths on Baxtergate!

The Friends group’s Richard Bell said: “The overall attendance was approximately 150 and there seemed to be more children there than last year. My perception was also that very few people drifted away before the finish, no doubt helped by the favourable weather.

We were able to hand out lots of FoHPC leaflets and raised the profile of the cemetery and of our group with a new audience.”

Visitor Carly Schon, aged 27 from Lincoln Gardens, said: “It’s been really good fun. The children have had a great time – mind you I think they’re just enjoying being out in the dark!

“It’s been a great way to celebrate Hallowe’en – I’m a big fan of the holiday and so are my children.”