Bringing together an eclectic taste in folk music

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Howden Live has teamed up with Beverley Festival for a musical extravaganza later this month.

On Saturday February 22 at the Shire Hall in Howden, Holy Moly & the Crackers perform, with Elliott Morris and Louis Brookes playing as supports, supported by Folk Rising.

Brought together by an eclectic taste in folk music and the kind of enthusiasm that can only be born in the slither of time between last orders and closing time, Holy Moly and the Crackers formed in 2011.

Soon after, they released their debut album with Northern Lights Music before winning an international competition to play the Bread & Roses main stage at Hop Farm Festival, where they drew in the crowds and the accolades.

A spokesman said: “It’s difficult to put your finger on exactly who they sound like. You’ve got elements of The Pogues, Paolo Nutini and Dropkick Murphys all tossed together into one exciting concoction, Holy Moly and the Crackers are influenced by a wide range of styles and artists; the honest grit and gravel of Woody Guthrie, the gypsy bone-cage burlesque of Gogol Bordello, the spectral clarity of Laura Marling.

“As such they play a lively, moonshine mix of Romani, Americana and contemporary British ‘folk’n’roll’.”

Tickets are just £8 and are available from Touchwood Homecare in Howden and online via We Got Tickets at