Price is right for Katie in Doncaster

Katie Price
Katie Price

She may be in the late stages of pregnancy but that isn’t going to stop celebrity businesswoman Katie Price from signing a copy of her book for every single one of her Doncaster fans.

Speaking about her upcoming appearance at Waterstones in Doncaster, to promote her latest romantic novel He’s The One, the author promised: “I always make sure I sign everyone’s book who’s in the queue. I won’t be leaving Doncaster until everyone gets a chance to have their copy signed.”

So it’s fair to say Katie, who is expecting her fourth child towards the end of summer, could be in the Frenchgate for a fair few hours - after her last visit attracted crowds of 4,000.

Describing the book Katie said: “It’s real ‘will they, won’t they’ type story, it’s a little bit like The Notebook film.

“I never know how many people are going to turn up to the signings but I’m always surprised because I get fans that are really young and really old, it’s a real mix.”

This time around the multi-millionaire has a difficult pregnancy to juggle while continuing her whirlwind book tour.

But Katie, who is no stranger to being splashed across the tabloids, has managed to keep one thing secret - the sex of her baby.

“We’ve known the sex for about five months and we’ve already got a name picked, out but we’re keeping it a secret,” she said.

“This pregnancy has definitely been the hardest, I’m a lot heavier this time round and I’ve had a lot of problems with back ache, so I can’t promise I’ll be jumping around at the signing in Doncaster! But I’m definitely looking forward to meeting the fans.”

Doncaster fans should enjoy Katie’s latest read even more than most, after it was revealed the town has more devotees of romantic fiction than anywhere else.

“They should love it in Doncaster then!” said Katie. “People might criticise me for not being involved in the writing process, but I know I am, so that’s all that matters.”

And she added: “I’m not trying to be a role model, I’m just being myself, but it is flattering when people say that I am.”

Katie will be signing her book at Waterstones in the Frenchgate Centre on Sunday, June 30, from 3pm.

Katie Price started her career by modelling under the name Jordan but the glamour girl has come a long way since gracing the pages of lads’ mags.

The showbiz star has carved out a lucrative career as a writer in the last 10 years.

She has already written eight novels, four autobiographies, and a string of children’s books, and is now believed to be worth in excess of £40 million.

Alongside her writing career the businesswoman and mother has launched clothing lines, equestrian lines and perfume fragrances, and has starred in her own fly-on-the-wall documentary.

Katie is currently working on a line of shoes, wedding dresses, more perfume - and another autobiography.