New Year wish list

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You’ve quaffed the champers, partied hard and seen the New Year in with style but as soon as your hangover / tiredness / holiday brain subsides, it’ll be time to consider New Year’s Resolutions. 
But an alarming rate of us makes them and then breaks them within days.

So, Meadowhall’s Style Adviser, Bethanie Lunn is here to give us all a refreshing alternative to making New Year Resolutions and instead, making a list of wishes…

New Year Wishes

1. Try something new. I love pushing myself, in a healthy way,

to learn and try new things. I find it not only opens your mind

but can open doors too. Start small and try a new look with a

simple accessory. Not confident in wearing hats but love how

they look? Go on, give it a go. What’s the worst that can


Fedora, £20, Next

2. Excel at work. With so many exciting plans lined up at

Meadowhall with a host of new store openings and events,

2015 is going to be a good one for me. I wish for even greater

success...and world domination. OK, maybe not, but I’m going

to at least make master plans and keep organised by writing in

a gorgeous notebook from Paperchase, from as little as £2.50

each. There’s something about writing on paper and keeping it

bound that makes note-taking more enjoyable.

3. Own a luxury item. Alright, this might sound shallow but

this is a wish list and no wish list would be complete without a

luxe handbag on it! Splurge just this once on a leather classic

like this Rochester Bag, £349, Hobbs.

4. Have more ‘me time’. I wish for a continued healthy work/play balance and to have gratitude

and appreciation for the little things in life. In fact, I’d like to spend more time enjoying the little

things. From supping a latte in Starbucks or a glass of fizz in Caffe Rizzolli while people watching, to

taking in a view via sitting still for ten peaceful minutes.

5. Love my Curves. ‘Lose weight, tone up, eat less chocolate’

are not powerful mantras for me so I resolve to love my body

and celebrate it instead. Show off your figure in metallic and

sheer fabrics and with Simply Be* popping up until the end of

January, loving your curves has never been so easy

Happy New Year. x