Keith’s art has stamp of approval

A FORMER Doncaster man who has had a brush with America’s CIA is back in town with an exhibition of his paintings.

He’s Keith Woodcock, and his paintings of aircraft and cars are so widespread that everyone in the area could have bought one – because they’ve featured on Royal Mail stamps and Airfix kits.

But they have also been commissioned by the rich and famous; five of his canvasses hang on the walls of the CIA’s HQ in Langley, Virginia; others have been bought by governments, air forces, international aerospace companies and private collectors.

Keith’s family hails from Barnby Dun, where his grandfather worked on the railways, and his father went to primary school and then Doncaster Grammar, though he was born in Bradford.

Keith lived in Sandtoft when he was working for a Doncaster hotel group, for whom he designed interiors.

“Because Sandtoft was about 100 yards inside the Lincolnshire boundary my first daughter was born in sunny Scunthorpe,” he said. Keith’s work is on show at Aeroventure near the Vue cinema at Doncaster Lakeside, the former home of RAF Doncaster when it was a WW2 base.

Pctures in the display in Doncaster depict a wide variety of scenes, starting with Edwardian flying meetings and running on through both First and Second World Wars to the present day, illustrating the whole history of aviation. There are also examples of Keith’s motoring  subjects, which include some of the true classics from the past. The exhibition will be open until Sunday September 18. The museum is open between 10am and 5pm during the summer. Admission is £5 for adults and £2 for children up to 16 years old.