Sheffield actress in a spin about Ghost the Musical

Ghost, Manor Operatic, Sheffield City Hall
Ghost, Manor Operatic, Sheffield City Hall

The actress who has to recreate a famous scene from the film Ghost on stage in Sheffield admits that it has her in a spin!

Abi Weigold plays Molly in Ghost the Musical, adapted from the hit film starring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze.

In the show, Molly and her partner Sam, played on stage by James Smith, are torn apart when Sam is shot dead, apparently by muggers.

However, all is not as it seems and Sam realises that Molly is in danger, so he tries to warn her, using a dodgy medium, Oda Mae Brown.

The famous scene that has poor Abi in a spin is the one where Molly is working at her pottery wheel and Sam’s ghost sits behind her.

It’s not the sensual moments between Sam and Molly when she senses his presence that worry her, though!

She said: “I’ve got to have my eyes closed. James is behind me and he’s singing.

“We’ll see what sort of pot comes out. I’m not taking requests for any vases!”

Abi has only had time for one session with a potter. She said: “The guy said it takes two years to learn. He visited for me to have a go and said, ‘You’re a natural’ but that wasn’t with my eyes closed!”

James joked: “Don’t get any clay on my costume!”

The show has been put on by Manor Operatic Society, famous in Sheffield for their big pantomimes at the City Hall.

Ghost the Musical is a typically ambitious affair, with huge screens, clever illusions – at one one points Sam the ghost walks through a solid door – a cast of around 40 and a full orchestra on a stage that Manor Operatic build from scratch.

Manor Operatic is an amateur company, so everyone has day jobs, although both stars have done drama training at college.

Abi sings in musical tribute acts and also works at House of Fraser in Meadowhall. James has his own print and design company.

This production is the local premiere of the show for amateur companies.

James said: “Many people will have seen the film and the professional version. Ours is just as good.

“The official Facebook show page showed a photo of us, saying they believe this is the biggest amateur production to be put on of the show.”

Both are fans of the movie. James said: “I think this show is a lot better than the film.

“It has musical numbers added to it .

“A lot of the script is similar to the film, the lines are not much different at all.”

Abi said: “I’ve always loved the film and went to see the touring version of the musical, which was just amazing.

“It’s the same story as the film and the songs are beautiful and powerful.

“Unchained Melody pops up a few times as well.”

They say that the role of Oda Mae, which was played by Whoopi Goldberg in the movie, adds a lot of comic sparkle to the show as well.

James said: “This show is not just for theatre-goers.

“There is a lot of illusion and spectacle and big numbers and the big LED screens.It has a bit of a rock concert feel to it. It’s a really good show!”

Ghost the Musical is at Sheffield City Hall this week until Saturday. Tickets:

Tomorrow night’s show is a captioned performance for people who are deaf, deafened and hard of hearing.