Chance to join Doncaster theatre’s dance teams

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Following the success of two home-grown productions, Kes and The Glee Club, Doncaster theatre Cast also brings together professional and community casts for dance-based shows in September.

Dancehall, being produced in association with Right Up Our Street. will take in the town’s dancefloor crazes and fashion trends.

The show looks back to first dances at the Co-op Ballroom and smooches at Top Rank.

Boys on one side of the tracks meet girls from the other at Romeo and Juliet’s, whilst The Beatles play St James’s baths, the Sex Pistols storm Outlook and Bowie rocks Silver Street.

Broken heels at Seventh Heaven to broken hearts at Parklands…

Dancing through wars hoping soldiers would come home, keeping going through the strikes.

With a soundtrack playing the music of our time, spanning the last 80 years, Dancehall dances through the decades to revive memories and relive history.

The show will once again bring together a company of professional and community performers, and is one opportunity for those over 16 with enthusiasm and some dance or movement ability to perform.

Other opportunities to take part at Cast include a West End Summer School and the chance to share arts, technology and craft at a Fun Palace in October.

As part of the celebrations for Dancehall, in a rainbow eruption of powder and dance The Colour of Time brings a stunning reinvention of the traditional Holi festival celebrated in India to Doncaster town centre on Saturday September 19.

Cast and Right Up Our Street are teaming up with international street theatre makers Campaigne Artonik to invite anyone aged over nine with an interest in theatre, dance or performance to join the professional performers in this massive processional dance from the centre of town to Cast on Waterdale.

The first informal workshop takes place on Tuesday July 21.

Tickets for Dancehall on September 11-19 are available from Cast’s Box Office on 01302 303 959 or online at

Email for further information on taking part at Cast or performing in Dancehall’s community ensemble or contact Cast’s box office.