Doncaster Knights star Paul Jarvis bids to be back after injury before Christmas

Injured full back  Paul Jarvis. Picture by Simon Hulme
Injured full back Paul Jarvis. Picture by Simon Hulme

Paul Jarvis is hoping to give Doncaster Knights supporters an early Christmas present by returning to action before the big day.

The highly-rated full-back has not played since picking up what turned out to be serious hamstring injury in the opening game of the season – an injury which took some of the shine off the win over Jersey in St Peter.

Jarvis had been troubled by a hamstring problem during pre-season but proved his fitness ahead of the Jersey game, playing for 30 minutes in the final warm-up game against Newcastle Falcons at Castle Park.

“It was the same leg but it was a different problem,” recalled the 28 year-old, who suffered the injury making a tackle.

“It was just a little strain which caused me to miss most of the pre-season games whereas I ruptured the tendon at the back of the knee which the hamstring is attached to,” he said.

“It’s a bit of a weird injury so I’m taking it week by week at the moment.

“They were hoping I’d be back playing within three months of the injury and I’m just past halfway. I’m currently looking at around five weeks but it could be a bit longer.

“If I got back playing before Christmas that would be a nice bonus.

“The medical people chose not to operate because they didn’t want to re-attach it to the tendon because that could have thrown up more complications. I would also have been out for up to nine months.

“We are hoping that the injury will heal itself and hopefully I’ll be able to get away without the tendon – there are two others - and I won’t have any long-term problems.

“I can’t wait to get back because it’s both annoying and frustrating to be out so long. But it’s what it is and the main thing is get back playing to the standard I was before the injury.

“It’s stressful because watching rugby isn’t what I want to be doing.

“All three players who have covered for me have done a good job and they all bring something different to the role.”