NEW: Kerry Pye’s health and nutrition column

Health expert Kerry Pye
Health expert Kerry Pye

Welcome to my new health and nutrition column - I’m Kerry Pye, Better Body Coach and busy mum!

I teach people about good nutrition, healthy eating and the importance of regular exercise.

Having always had a personal interest in sport and nutrition, my professional background did not start off in the health and fitness industry but in fact with a degree in Business and Project Management.

My career in the corporate world was very different to my life today!

My passion and drive to do what I do today has come about in several ways.

Firstly, as a mum, I have a desire to set the best example of what a healthy active lifestyle looks like, ensuring my children grow up with great habits and have the energy and good health they need to do whatever they want in life. Secondly, when life gets busy it can become harder to make considered choices about food and prioritise time to exercise. Teaching people how to make great nutrition easy and how to get the most out of their training sessions is extremely rewarding.

Over the coming weeks this column will consider different topics to help you understand how to workout smarter, enabling you to push yourself harder to get the results you want, the importance of 80% nutrition and 20% exercise, and why you can’t out train a bad diet.

When talking to clients I ask them to think of their body as a car. To run a car effectively we essentially need three key things; fuel, oil and water.

This is exactly the same as our bodies’ need for three key macro nutrients; carbohydrates, proteins and fats to run our body.

So the fuel is carbohydrates (a key energy source), the oil is proteins (key mechanical structures of our body) and the water is our fats (often misunderstood but key to effective function).

Having a good balance of all three macro nutrients is vital if we are going to get the most out of our body. Just think to yourself: would you run your car on fumes, not top up the oil and let the radiator go dry if you want to get great mpg and be able to put your foot down?

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