Rachel takes spoils in War of the Roses

Rachel Brooks, winner of the Turkish Pairs open with Lorraine Farlam (unpictured) and her gold medal. Picture: Andrew Kershaw
Rachel Brooks, winner of the Turkish Pairs open with Lorraine Farlam (unpictured) and her gold medal. Picture: Andrew Kershaw

A DARTS player from Wroot has scooped another major title after triumphing in the recent Turkish Open Ladies Pairs.

Rachel Brooks, of Fieldside Farm, paired up with fellow Yorkshire County player Lorraine Farlam to take the top prize in Eastern Euorpe.

The 48-year-old is relatively new to the sport, having only taken it up three years ago, but Rachel and Lorraine beat off top international competition to claim their medals.

It follows on from Rachel’s success at the start of the year when she claimed the South Yorkshire Ladies’ Open Darts Festival.

The mother-of-two reflected on her latest victory as she begins to build momentum and gain experience in open competitions.

She said: “We went to Turkey last year for the first time and it involves sunbathing during the day and then darts at night.

“Lots of top players go such as Scott Waites and Dean Winstanley in the men’s event.

“There were about six rounds to go through and Lorraine was really pleased because I finished well and she did some top scoring.”

Rachel - who finished third in the Yorkshire Super League averages - was also able to get one over ‘the old enemy’ as the pair defeated a Lancastrian team in the final.

She added: “We beat two Lancashire girls and it was like the War of the Roses. I was so scared, though, because my opponent had already beaten me in the singles.

But I thought she’s not going to beat me again and I was determined to win!”

Now Rachel is turning her sights to the upcoming Czech Open and concentrating on those nine dart finishes.

She added: “Everything seems to have happened so quickly. But I’m still learning and it’s all about getting the experience and making your game better.

“I play with a few people at Edenthorpe on a Wednesday and it’s hard to find people of the same standard to bring your darts on - I’m even beating my husband now!”

Rachel’s husband, Tony, said the Turkish event was a big tournament to win and he has high expectations for her fledgling career.

He added: “It’s the start of the new calendar season and the aim is to collect points to play at the Lakeside in January.

“She’s playing in all the competitions that the top players play in and starting to worry a few of them - they certainly don’t want to see her name in the draw!”