Piggott tips Camelot triumph in St Leger

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LEGENDARY jockey Lester Piggott believes Camelot will have no trouble winning the St Leger and matching the feat he achieved on board Nijinsky in 1970.

Piggott rode Nijinsky to the last Triple Crown achieved but admitted he would be pleased to see the feat matched for the first time since.

He said: “I’d love to see Camelot win just to show how good he is.

“He’s only got the same horses to beat in the St Leger as he did in the others.

“There should be no problem, he’s bred to stay the distances and there’s no reason why he shouldn’t win really.

“It should be quite straightforward really, he should kill them over the last furlong and a half.”

Piggott believes the special relationship between Camelot and jockey Joseph O’Brien has been vital to reaching the precipice of this major achievement.

He said: “Joseph is very good.

“He’s had a fantastic year, with this horse especially.

“He knows him very well and that is so important.”

The 76-year-old nine time Derby winner says Camelot is a more natural fit for the St Leger than Nijinsky was.

He said: “Camelot is bred to stay where Nijinsky was more of a sprinter.

“You worried whether Nijinksy would be able to go over the distance but he always managed to.

“When we won the Leger it was a nice race really, it didn’t go too fast and the pace was good for us.

“It was a matter of riding a couple of hundred yards.”

Piggott believes a range of factors have contributed to the 42 year Triple Crown drought.

He said: “First, it’s very difficult to keep a horse going for so long in top form from the 2000 Guineas right through.

“And then there’s the fact the autumn has many more big races than it did back then.

“For the last few years a lot of people were bothering about other races than the St Leger.

“But I think it’s managed to stand up very well compared to the other races there are.

“I think it’s retained it’s prestige.”