National champion Jamie-Lee Davis is the pride of Stainforth ABC gym

Jamie-Lee Davies
Jamie-Lee Davies

He may have just become a national champion but Jamie-Lee Davies needs to work on his ruthlessness – and his squeamishness.

Davies out-pointed rival Carlos Stewart of Donnington to win the Class A 72kg final at the England Boxing Schoolboy Championships in Sheffield.

Though delighted to see the 13-year-old win Stainforth ABC’s first national title, head coach Paul Thompson was quick to reprimand his man after the bout.

“He landed a beautiful uppercut straight into the side of his opponent’s ribs, a real peach of a shot, and you could it made the kid was sick in his mouth,” Thompson told the Free Press.

“But Jamie-Lee backed off and let him recover.

“If he’d have jumped on him then and he’d have finished it in the first round.

“It was the first thing I asked him about afterwards, why he didn’t pile on the pressure.

“He said ‘I didn’t want him to be sick on me.’

“He’ll be a bit more ruthless in the future because he’ll not want another rollicking.”

Though the manner of his victory brought a few jokes from his trainers in Jamie’s direction, there is a tremendous amount of pride at what the young Stainforth fighter has achieved.

His small club was on the brink of closure earlier this year when head coach Thompson suffered an injury which put him out of action.

But Davies’ triumph has already had an affect on business.

Thompson said: “We had quite a few more through the door last week. Everyone in the village is talking about what Jamie-Lee has done.

“This could be the making of the gym. It’s a real boost to have our first national champion.

“I never got past the North East final when I was boxing. Them Geordies had something over me.

“What Jamie-Lee has done is incredible and I really think it’s just the start for him.

“He’s still got plenty of improvement in him and I think he’s going to just get better.”