Martial Arts: Team ACMAC complete the Italian Job

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Team ACMAC are celebrating their own version of the Italian Job - and this time it was a family affair.

Andy Crittenden’s martial arts school claimed no fewer than 49 medals - including 21 gold - at the World Championships in Tuscany.

Among the highlights were the medal-winning Revill family, who came with home 17 medals between them.

Father Darren won one gold and four silvers, mother Joanne collected three silvers and a bronze, daughter Bethany won two gold, two silver and two bronze, while the youngest member of the family James won one gold and one silver.

Rising star Sophie Hawkins again led the way, not only defending three titles from last year but also winning Individual and Team Fighting categories to come home with five world titles.

Not far behind her was 12-year-old Tiffiny Richardson, who won four golds, while Suneil Singh returned with the biggest individual medal haul, three golds and three silvers.

Crittenden said: “I couldn’t have expected any more from the team. They all gave it 100 per cent in preparation and it showed on the mats.

“The closeness of the team was very apparent as tears of joy were shed and when decisions went against us everyone rallied around and picked that person up. It was amazing.”

Every single member of Team ACMAC contributed to the medal tally.

Hayden Lindley, described by Crittended as “the backbone of the team”, realised his dream of becoming world champion and claimed a gold, silver and bronze.

Brooke Sockett won two golds, one silver and one bronze, while Samantha Orwin won gold in Tae Kwon Do Patterns. Alastair Bell (one gold, one silver), Kieron Stuart and Shaun Bell (both one silver, one bronze) and Lucy Shaw (two silvers, one bronze) were also among the medals.

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