Garbolino Lindholme

IN THE recent Garbolino Lindholme Saturday Open match, 25 competitors took part on the Bonsai Lake, results as follows:

1. John Allerton (Tricast), peg 40, caught on pellet at 13m on pole for 53lb 11oz; 2. Ben Fisk (Middy), peg 25, caught on pole with maggot for 38lb 13oz; 3. Nick Speed (Shimano), peg 63, caught on pellets for 37lb 12oz; 4. Alex Dockerty (Garbolino Lindholme), peg 59, caught on pellets for 34lb 10oz.

Sunday Open, Laurels Lake, 21 fished: 1. Neil Fisher (Dynamite Baits), peg 69, caught on bomb and maggot for 48lb 13oz; 2. John Allerton (Tricast), peg 56, caught on pole and pellets into reeds for 38lb 12oz; 3. Sid Ellis (Moorefields), peg 63, caught on maggot at 10m for 36lb 8oz; 4. Matt Pilley (Dynamite Baits), peg 16, caught on pole and pellets for 36lb 1oz,

The Trout Lake has again been restocked with fish to 10lb to replace the ones removed in the last two weeks. Ray Jacklin of South Ferriby caught a 10lb 6oz rainbow and a 8lb 4oz blue trout in the 12 fish bag, he caught all but two of the fish on an olive and black buzzer suspended from a muddler. Buzzers, damsels, cats whisker zonkers and blood worm replica is being the most productive.

A total of 38 fishermen caught a total of 178 fish with the best catches on the far bank under the trees. Mrs Green caught 24 fish and John Hall had 21 fish on the blob

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