Dons: League restructuring details

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Dons chief executive Carl Hall is backing ‘option three’ of the RFL’s restructuring proposals – but what do the options on the table involve?

The three formats for elite rugby league suggested by the sport’s governing body have been labelled ‘baffling’ by some commentators.

Here, we take a look at each of the three proposals and what they would mean for the Dons in their current position of ninth in the Championship.

Current format

- Super League - 14 teams, decided on a license system renewed every three years, no relegation

- Championship - 14 teams, no promotion, two teams relegated

- Championship One - nine teams, two promotion place, no relegation.

- Dons would be safe in the Championship, just missing out on a place in the end of season play-offs.

Restructuring plan

Option One

- Super League - 12 teams, one team relegated

- Championship - 10/12 teams, one team promoted

- Dons would remain in the Championship if a 12 team division was decided upon. Otherwise they would be outside the top two tiers and in what would likely be a regional division.

Option Two

- Super League One - 10 teams

- Super League Two - 10 teams

- Dons would be outside the top two divisions and in what would likely be a regional division.

Option Three

- Super League One - 12 teams

- Super League Two - 12 teams

- In both cases, each team will initially play 11 matches before the format changes to:

- Division One - Top eight teams from Super League One

- Division Two - Bottom four of Super League One and the top four of Super League Two

- Division Three - Bottom eight of Super League Two

- The following season will start with:

- Super League One - 12 teams (eight Division One clubs plus top four from Division Two)

- Super League Two - 12 teams (bottom four from Division Two plus eight Division Three clubs)

- Dons would start in Super League Two and would split into Division Three.