Darwin’s origin of weakness

BIG HITTER: Darwin Zamora has KOd 18 of his 21 opponents.
BIG HITTER: Darwin Zamora has KOd 18 of his 21 opponents.

THE key for Jamie McDonnell can use to unlock Darwin Zamora appears to be pressure.

But the Nicaraguan can certainly bang, as his 18 stoppages in 21 wins would attest.

Zamora is not the most active of fighters, either in the amount of shots thrown or footwork.

He stands his ground and invites his opponents to do the work, all the while looking for a big shot.

The 24-year-old limits his shots from the outside to big searching punches, looking to unleash his power through his left.

A massive haymaker produced a knock out in the last few seconds of the fourth round of what had been an even contest with Carlos Osorio in his last outing in May.

One of McDonnell’s main weaknesses has been the amount of shots he takes and he must be careful to avoid one of Zamora’s huge left hands.

At 5ft 7in, ‘El Finito’ is particularly tall for a super flyweight and just an inch shorter than McDonnell meaning there will be no real opportunity to boss the fight from distance.

What McDonnell should look to do is pile pressure on Zamora who has not coped well with this in the past.

Mexican Oscar Ibarra completely dismantled Zamora to win the WBC Latino flyweight title in 2010, overwhelming him with combinations.

Zamora does appear to panic a little when he feels he must respond to pressure from opponents with his shots becoming increasingly wild.

His defence is not particularly strong as he appears to rely on caution from his opponent and there is potential for him to be taken apart by someone as accurate as McDonnell can be.