Darts: Brooks ready for World Championship bow at Lakeside

Rachel Brooks will make her debut in the BDO Womens World Championship on Saturday night.
Rachel Brooks will make her debut in the BDO Womens World Championship on Saturday night.
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She may be about to take her bow on the World Championship stage but darts ace Rachel Brooks is more concerned with a pesky fox.

The Wroot thrower is locked in a battle with the bushy-tailed bandit which has its sights set on the chickens on her farm.

Though she is desperate to see the back of the fox, life on the farm is providing a welcome distraction ahead of her first appearance at the BDO World Championship on Saturday.

“I’ve been trying to treat this as just a normal tournament, getting on with everyday life,” Brooks said.

“Looking after the sheep and the chickens definitely helps with that, especially with the fox problem.

“They’re not scared of people now, they just wander up in the day so it makes it very difficult to keep them out.”

Brooks could hardly be more laid back about her first steps on the Lakeside stage, where the greatest throwers of all time have all walked.

She is determined to enjoy the experience but she expects husband Tony to keep her in line.

She said: “I have trouble concentrating on my game at the best of times so it’s going to be really difficult down there.

“It’s going to be an incredible experience and I can’t wait to get up on that stage.

“Tony keeps telling me I need to concentrate on my game and I’ll be trying my best on Saturday night.

“But I’ll definitely be trying to soak it all in as well.”

Though seeded fifth for the tournament, Brooks remains decidedly humble regarding her position in the darting world.

Her rise up the ranks has been rapid in the four years since she began to get serious about the sport.

But Brooks admits she still does not feel like she belongs alongside the top names.

She said: “I look at the trophies I’ve won and see my name on there alongside the great and the good and it still doesn’t seem right.

“I feel like I’ve still got so much to learn and that I’m no where near their level yet.

“I still can’t quite believe I’m going to Lakeside.”

Brooks will meet Danish thrower Ann-Louise Peters in the last match of a long opening day on Saturday.

The two have met in the past but Brooks admits she does not really know her rival.

She said: “You cannot really say how a game of darts is going to go beforehand.

“I’m sure if she throws her best she can beat me and the same the other way around.

“I’ll get up there and concentrate on throwing my best darts and hopefully it will happen for me.”

If she was trying to put thoughts of the World Championship to the back of her mind, the people of Wroot have not let her.

She said: “The support I’ve had has been incredible.

“People I don’t even know have been coming up to talk and wish me all the best.”