Chadburn focused on the future

Tommy Chadburn has his hand raised at the end of his professional debut against Sid Razak.
Tommy Chadburn has his hand raised at the end of his professional debut against Sid Razak.

Tommy Chadburn is determined not to get involved in a war of words with fellow Doncaster fighter Tommy Harty Jnr – just yet at least.

The Conisbrough boxer has embarked on a few Facebook back-and-forth’s with Stainforth’s Harty since the two joined the professional ranks last year.

Chadburn insists his focus is on building his career, with his second fight coming up tomorrow night at Doncaster Racecourse.

But he admits he and Harty are on a collision course down the road.

“I’m sure we’ll fight one day but I’d like it to be at least an eight-rounder for a title,” the 22-year-old told the Times. “After Friday we’ll have both only had two fights apiece and we’ve both got learning to do.

“But it’s no skin off my nose if we don’t fight. I’m not bothered by him.

“I don’t know why he’s so interested in me at this point.

“Why would he want to fight me? He wouldn’t sell any tickets because people would be coming to see me.

“He needs to remember that he’s still a boy. I’m only 22 but I’ve got four years on him and he’d feel that if we got in the ring.

Harty may indeed by in Chadburn’s future but he is focused on the year and now.

First up for him is Bulgaria’s Boyan Aleksandrov at the Racecourse on Friday night.

Chadburn is continuing to adapt after making the switch from unlicensed boxing, with his in-ring discipline improving under training Glyn Rhodes MBE.

And he is looking to pick up where he left off with the win over Sid Razak on his debut in November.

He said: “I learned quite a bit in that fight and I’ve been learning ever since.

“I learned that I’ve got a chin because I got hit with a few shots.

“And I learned that I can stop myself from going all in. I didn’t throw any power shots in the fight, I just tried to be patient and it paid off.

“I’m working all the time. This has been a brilliant training camp.

“I’ve been at the weight for the last couple of weeks because we’ve made it at super feather.

“My future is at super bantam or featherweight but while I’m learning how to live the life as a boxer, I can fight at the higher weights.”

Chadburn has been forced to walk away from his other sporting pursuit since turning pro, hanging up his gloves as goalkeeper for Denaby United.

He said: “I really miss the football but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.”