Basketball: Danum Eagles ready for take-off

Danum Eagles' 2012/13 U18s team.
Danum Eagles' 2012/13 U18s team.

Danum Eagles have announced a slam-dunking signing by capturing top Italian coach Andrea Carosi.

Carosi will arrive in Doncaster next month in a role designed to drive forward the development of the club.

The Italian has coached at several top sides in his home country, including Cagliari, Alghero and Ferentino.

At Roma, he led their respective junior sides to 25 national finals during a memorable 12-year period.

Carosi will take charge of Danum’s new women’s side and hopes to play a major part in helping the sport to grow in Doncaster.

Eagles head coach Bob Martin said: “This is a huge step in the right direction for our club.

“It’s a massive coup for us and will hopefully help us get to where we want to be as a club.

“Andrea will bring a professional attitude to the women’s programme.

“For most of last season the women operated without a coach which made things difficult.

“But this should make us a lot stronger and hopefully we will also now be able to attract more quality players.

“Danum Eagles will also enter the Men’s league in 2014,” he added.

“The club is growing and the future is very bright.”

Eagles, who are based at Danum School, boast several junior sides. Training is currently held at Danum School on Monday and Wednesday afternoons (2-3.30pm).

The club would like to hear from any potential new sponsors.

Anyone interested, or any players interested in joining the women’s Division Two team, should contact Bob on 07939 980913.