VIDEO: ‘We just weren’t good enough’ says Chris Brown

Try as he might, Chris Brown could not hide his devastation at Rovers’ relegation following Saturday’s game at Leicester.

Ushered in front of the press, Brown was as quiet and timid as he has ever been when facing the media.

Chris Brown could hardly hold back the tears following Rovers' relegation

Chris Brown could hardly hold back the tears following Rovers' relegation

His eyes were red, his voice cracking. He seemed close to tears throughout.

The battling heart and soul of Rovers’ bid for survival this season put it bluntly when summing up why Rovers were relegated: “We just weren’t good enough.”

He said: “It wasn’t the last minute of the season when we were relegated, it was the full season.

“Everyone thought we were good enough and we were included in that.

“In the last seven games we needed three points but we fell short.

“It’s not been down to a lack of effort or determination. We’ve got an honest bunch of lads and we hope the supporters recognise we’ve given our all in every game.

“If we weren’t good enough then so be it.

“You think back to games that we’ve thrown away points where we could have done things differently. But I’m sure every team that’s relegated thinks the same.

Brown described Saturday as one of the worst days of his career.

He said: “During the game I though we played well in terms of containing Leicester.

“Then we gave the penalty away and went through every emotion possible until the end of the game.

“We didn’t really know what was going on until the gaffer was waving us on in the last minute.

“The fans were waving us foward as well.

“We had a minute to score a goal but it wasn’t enough.

“It was just a freak day and we’ve come out in the worst way possible.

“I’m as devastated as every is. It’s very disappointing.”

The striker is one of only a dozen players remaining under contract following the end of the campaign.

And he is determined to lead a charge back to the Championship next season.

Brown said; “I’m hoping to lead the line again.

“This season had been good for me personally but it’s ended in the worst possible way.”