VIDEO: Ange Dunning interview - Ray Dunning Scholarship Fund launches new Soccer School

Ange Dunning, founder of The Ray Dunning Scholarship Fund, has spoken about plans to launch a new Soccer School.

In our video interview with Ange, she discusses the evolution of the charity following her husband’s death last year.

A tribute to Ray Dunning.

A tribute to Ray Dunning.

She also speaks about why launching a Soccer School is a project very close to her heart.

Rovers fan Ray died last May, aged 42, after collapsing at Doncaster’s final game of the season at Leicester City.

The Ray Dunning Scholarship Fund was launched in June and its primary aim is to get more Doncaster children - particularly those from low income families - playing football.

The Ray Dunning School of Football will launch in Easter at Don Valley Academy and three other venues across the borough.

It will be aimed at children aged 5-12 but will also offer coaching opportunities to sixth form students studying Btec Sports Science.

For more information about the Ray Dunning Scholarship Fund visit

Anyone interested in helping out or volunteering at the school can contact Ange by emailing