Brigg Town Colts 2

Epworth United 5

UNITED hoped to make it two wins on the trot when they travelled to face Brigg Town Colts on Sunday in the Jack Kalson U14s League.

Brigg threatened from the start but a good clearance from Jordan Edwards held them back. Brad Rusling made an early save before the tables turned and United were the ones pushing forward.

Oliver Munday and George Algar passed the ball well up the pitch, before Munday’s shot in the box was saved by the keeper.

Edwards intercepted the goal kick and volleyed the ball back for Ethan Robinson to control it, taking his time to slot the ball past the keeper and get the visitors off the mark 0-1.

Whilst being tackled, Algar managed a toe touch of the ball to Munday whose shot was cleared for a corner. The subsequent set piece was parried away by the keeper but found George Wigham, whose shot rebounded out for Munday to strike it back past the goalie, stretching United’s lead 0-2.

Epworth soon made it 0-3 when J Edwards found himself in space and took the ball into the box sneaking it into the bottom corner of the net.

Brigg were fighting to get back into the match and were rewarded with a lovely goal which looped over United’s defence 1-3.

With an almost exact replica of his goal last week, Jordan Oliver made it 1-4 when he struck a lovely corner kick which no one but the keeper got a touch to, and he could do nothing but help the ball into the net.

Munday extended Epworth’s lead further when a good run into the box saw his shot cleared but he picked up the rebound and fired the ball home 1-5.

It was almost a five goal lead going into half time when an excellent ball from Wigham was crossed to Harry Higgins who played a lovely ball in front of the keeper for Munday to tap in but it was cleared at the last second keeping the first half score at 1-5.

The second half saw Brigg more fired up for narrowing the gap and United’s defence stepped it up to hold them at bay.

J Oliver’s corner looped into the box and saw a frenzy of headers from both sides before the ball was cleared to safety.

Brigg narrowed the gap slightly after a battle in the box led to them getting a shot off which snuck under Rusling to take the score to 2-5.

J Oliver was unlucky when his solo run up the middle and around the defence saw his shot go wide. Minutes later Robinson’s powerful run up the left saw his shot loop over the defence but also just over the bar.

Determined to close the gap Brigg pushed on and timely tackles from Wigham and J Oliver and some good saves from Rusling held them back.

Epworth couldn’t hit the target in the second half as final chances came from Robinson and Munday. When the final whistle blew they were happy to secure three points on the bounce with a 2-5 victory.