The kids are all right at Doncaster Rovers, says Stephen Bywater

Stephen Bywater
Stephen Bywater

The kids are all right at Doncaster Rovers, according to Stephen Bywater.

Bywater’s future at Rovers is expected to become more clearer over the coming days.

But whether he stays or goes, the younger players have made a lasting impression on the well-travelled goalkeeper.

“The manager gave them a chance to see what it’s like on a matchday and I think that’s very good for the future,” said Bywater.

“Mitchell [Lund] came into the side and did very well. Harry Middleton too.

“They’ve done really well and that bodes well for the club.

“I see how hard they work,” he added.

“I see what they do on a matchday. I see how they mingle in. There’s not separate groups of young lads and older lads. They mix in and want to learn, which is a good sign.”

Bywater, 33, has expressed his wish to stay at Doncaster and is confident the club can improve on their 13th place finish next season.

“I believe this club will be right up there next season,” he said. “I really believe that. The foundations are here.

“You’ve got some good players coming through and you’ve got some good coaches.

“The manager’s a good coach. The assistant manager’s a good coach. They’re enthusiastic and they want to win, and that’s a good basis.

“If you’ve got a good manager and people around him who really care and do the coaching for the kids, you’ve got half a chance.”