The Doncaster Rovers Verdict: Recognising greatness?

Is David Cotterill one of the ten best players in League One? Opposition managers do not think so.
Is David Cotterill one of the ten best players in League One? Opposition managers do not think so.

Is recognition all that it’s cracked up to be?

The Football League last week revealed the top ten players in each division, as voted for by the managers.

In the League One list, not a single player from Doncaster Rovers appeared.

The revelation sparked outrage from supporters, bemoaning the absence of players from one of the division’s most consistent sides.

Where was Rob Jones, Rovers’ talismanic skipper who scrapped and fought through the side’s most intense hours of need this term?

Or how about David Cotterill, enjoying probably the best spell of his short career and showing signs of exactly why he reached the top of the game at such a young age?

Or even loanee Iain Hume, demonstrating remarkable energy and tenacity that makes him a nightmare prospect for defenders?

The first thing that must be said is that the top ten list for League One is very strong - the presence of £500,000 Matt Ritchie - in top spot shows that strength.

The other thing that it really doesn’t matter not a single Rovers player appears on it.

No one player has stood out consistently for opposition managers.

But the majority of those managers have suffered defeats to Rovers this season, so what matters more?

It just goes to show that Rovers are greater than the sum of their parts.

With the ability to only work with a small squad due to cutbacks at the club this season, creating something in that manner was the important thing for both Dean Saunders and Brian Flynn.

What Saunders began, Flynn continued - sending out a side in the main that will fight and scrap to the very end.

There’s been no reliance on one or two players for the 22 wins Rovers have managed.

Each man has played a role, from the high profile like Cotterill to the unsung hero of Paul Keegan.

Ask any member of the Rovers squad whether they would prefer to appear on a list of the best in the division or to have a promotion winner’s medal in their hands.

Don’t be concerned that Rovers’ players are not being recognised.

The fact the rest of League One is currently chasing them down is recognition enough of their efforts.