Terry Bramall tells fans ‘administration has been an option’

Terry Bramall and, left, former chairman John Ryan.
Terry Bramall and, left, former chairman John Ryan.

Terry Bramall has admitted that administration was an option considered by the Rovers board, amid ongoing uncertainty regarding the club’s unpaid loans.

As reported by the Free Press last month in response to tabloid reports, administration is a very unlikely scenario.

But when quizzed at last week’s fans’ forum Bramall admitted it has been considered as an option if a £4 million loan belonging to John Ryan is called in.

Bramall also said the club were still seeking clarity on who exactly owns the loan, following Sequentia Capital’s claim they had agreed to buy it as part of their recent takeover strategy.

Responding to a fan’s question about whether it was David Blunt who proposed administration, Bramall said: “I’m not sure they were totally his [David Blunt’s] thoughts. I think they were our thoughts.

“As we stand at the moment, we had people that wanted their loans repaid immediately. We chose not to do that and we resisted that request.

“But we were getting letters that said ‘if you don’t reply within three weeks I shall refer the matter to my solicitor’.

“If we refused to pay an on-demand loan then administration is back on the near horizon. That was for a small amount, which eventually we got put on one side.

“If it came to the large amount of Mr Ryan’s loans, and we didn’t know where they sat because some people were claiming to have them, how would we know which way they wanted to go? [Whoever owns them] might’ve wanted it all back.

“We had to say, ‘if they come for their £4 million and the club does not have £4 million, what can we possibly do?’ One of the options we had was to put the club into administration.”

Bramall was keen to stress that the club have moved on since the possibility of administration was first reported in a tabloid newspaper.

However, the club’s board are still uncertain about the ownership of the loans in question.

“The [ownership] of those loans is still not clear,” said Bramall.

“We’re working very hard and our current indications are that that particular outcome [administration] will go away.

“We hope it will and we’re doing our best to persuade them that it will. And he’s [Ryan] saying ‘yes’ so that’s how we stand today.

“What will happen tomorrow, or the day after? I can’t say because I just don’t know.

“I’ve asked the question several times and I don’t have an answer. Without answers on those it could still be an option. We don’t want it to happen, but we don’t know.

“That’s where administration comes from,” he added.

“It’s been right at the forefront of our minds. It wasn’t our choice to put that into the press because I think that is sending out the wrong message.

“I think we’ve moved along since it appeared in the paper. We’ve shown the way we are going and we’ve given confidence, I hope, to the supporters.

“Having administration hanging over all of us is not what was required but I think we are making progress in that area. It was not David’s [Blunt] idea, I can tell you that.”