Reaction: Shrinking crowds major factor in Dickov sacking - John Buckley

Paul Dickov and Rob Jones applaud fans.
Paul Dickov and Rob Jones applaud fans.

I feel sorry for Paul Dickov.

But I suppose the call was made when the owners look at the last two or three crowds at the Keepmoat.

They must think this is what needs to be done to get the crowds back in and get the right atmosphere around the place again.

Dickov is a really good guy, and he’s great for PR purposes. But I guess that’s not what it’s really all about.

Six points in six games at the start of the season sounds harsh to be sacked already. But I wouldn’t look at that, because supporters’ enthusiasm dropped.

A lot weren’t keen, but I quite liked him. But I understand why he’s gone.

Rob Jones is in temporary charge now and I think that’ll be a popular appointment amongst the fans, because first of all, he’s been a top player for the club.

Even in the last couple of weeks I’ve seen him by the sidelines giving feedback to players and trying to encourage them.

I’m led to believe he’s a good coach too, you just know that Jones will be organised and he’ll give players responsibility.

When you put a new man in charge, sometimes for whatever reason there’s an immediate impact, and let’s just hope that’s the case here.

He’ll demand commitment and desire and we just need to get a break at the right time.