PAUL DICKOV COLUMN: We’re not putting the kids in to then sell them

Paul Dickov
Paul Dickov

We’re not just putting the kids in for the sake of it.

We’re putting them in because we think they’ve got a good chance, looking forward to the next couple of seasons.

We have got to be mindful and respectful of the competition and Notts County have a lot to play for on Saturday.

So we won’t be changing the team around too much this weekend and next but we’ll be looking to do what we’ve done in the previous games and put one or two in.

We don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves but what we’re trying to do here is have a strong nucleus of the squad from the academy.

You always want to bring good senior players in to try and improve the club every year.

But we’ve got a group now that have been in and around the first team squad for a season and the senior lads in the squad know that they’re good players and they’ve seen how much they’ve improved just by being in that environment.

It has a massive knock-on effect when young lads come up through the youth team into the first team.

We’re not putting them in to then sell them.

We want them to be in out first team for a long time.

What it does do is it lets people further down the line - younger kids and their parents - know we’re a club that’s not just willing to give younger players a chance but also wants to work with them to improve them and get them in the first team.

I know it was bugbear of a lot of people within the club before I came in that too many kids from age 16 downwards from the Doncaster area were going to other clubs in the area.

Now we want to show we’re willing to give kids a chance, so right down the chain it’s giving the club the best possible chance of getting the better players in.

Away from the serious business, this week saw the club court quite a bit of publicity on the back of ‘that’ Youtube highlights clip of the Fleetwood game.

We take things one hundred per cent serious here when it comes to football.

But there’s also a light-hearted side to football and I think it showed a bit of the fun side and good humoured side of the club. I don’t think it was a bad thing.

I was the first one to say to the players how boring it was and Copps’ testimonial was the day after.