PAUL DICKOV COLUMN: The value of having a good staff at Doncaster Rovers

Paul Dickov and Brian Horton
Paul Dickov and Brian Horton

It has always been my aim as a manager to consistently lend an open ear to my staff.

I’m a sponge for information and I’ll take it from wherever I can get it.

If someone on my staff sees something different from me, I will listen to what they have to say.

I don’t always take notice of it – depending on what it is.

I’ve got a great team behind me and they know they can come and agree with me any time they want. And more importantly, they know they can disagree with me as well, which I think is healthy.

We said goodbye to one of our most trusted members of staff this week in performance analyst Adam Smith – someone I certainly listened to plenty during our time working together.

Adam was fantastic for me with all the pre and post-match things we do, whether that’s watching the opposition, getting stats for the players and giving out individual and team goals.

It’s a major role at football clubs now and Adam excelled in it.

With our desire to bring through the next crop of young talent at this club, having someone like Adam has been a massive plus for us.

But the best thing Adam did was helping me to shut up any player who disagreed with me about something they were doing.

If I had a player standing in front of me that I’d told was doing something wrong and they were arguing they were doing it right, with Adam by my side I could definitely show them they were doing it wrong.

In all seriousness though, Adam will be a big, big loss for us.

But he is progressing his career and joining Wigan. We always knew that with how good he is at his job, that it’d be very difficult for us to keep him. We knew he’d be snapped up eventually.

Adam goes to Wigan with everyone’s best regards.

And we’ve thankfully been able to replace him very quickly with Adam Ridgewell arriving from MK Dons.

We all know how thick footballers are so it’s a good thing we managed to bring in another Adam. We needed to get someone in with the same name for a start and he looks quite similar to the old Adam as well.

He has been welcomed onto the team and told that he has my ear.

Again, whether I listen to him or not is another thing entirely.