PAUL DICKOV COLUMN: Major decisions should be subject to trial by television

Kieran Gibbs was wrongly sent off for Arsenal last weekend.
Kieran Gibbs was wrongly sent off for Arsenal last weekend.

Given some of the decisions we’ve had this season, you probably won’t be too surprised at my views regarding the use of technology and television replays in the game.

I’d be in favour of the major decisions in games being reviewed, and I think that’s now the view of the majority of my fellow professionals.

Red cards, penalties and goal-line decisions; they are three things that are major factors in games and should be subject to review, in my opinion.

You have to be careful with using technology, of course you do.

You don’t want every decision going upstairs as it were, that would ruin the game as a spectacle.

But I think the major decisions should be reviewed and the use of goal-line technology is definitely a move in the right direction.

You only have to look at the Arsenal game last weekend and Kieran Gibbs’ sending off; a case of mistaken identity.

That’s something which could have been sorted out in a matter of seconds by taking another look at it.

It takes two or three minutes for the sent off player to walk off the field anyway, so within that time technology could have been used.

It would help the referee out too. Andre Marriner’s taken a lot of stick this week but it was an honest mistake that he made.

You can look at the penalty the other night at Burnley too. The referee’s made an honest decision again but I’m sure if he looked back at it, he’d make a different call.

And again with penalties, it takes a couple of minutes to sort everything out before the kick’s taken. Within that space of time you can have a look it.

I think for the amount of money there is in the Premier League, the technology should be available.

We live in a technological age and the referees already have ear pieces linked to the fourth official so we’re almost there.

I think a little screen by the side of the fourth official would clear up a lot of the controversial decisions we keep on seeing. The fourth official can watch a replay and within seconds relay that information to the referee.

One road I wouldn’t go down is the ‘set number of reviews’ that you see in cricket.

Say if you had three reviews, I’d probably ask for a review for the first three decisions that don’t go our way!